Love Letters

Miss Leta, Thanks so much for expediting my shipment. It truly shows the character in which you conduct your business affairs. I'm appreciative for the extra you sent me, which was not necessary on your part, but that shows how far you will go to assure that your customer is pleased with your products and practices. Yes I am enjoying the new fragrance you sent me, as well as all of the other fragrances I love from your store. My sisters and I may make a trip there possibly before Christmas, time permitting. Thanks again. This past summer we visited a town noted for spas and such and just knew we would find some new fragrances. But that was not so. We laughed and said "Can't wait to get home to order from Miss Leta". Take care. - Janie, St. James, Louisiana

Just had to tell you how much I am LOVING the soaps I ordered and the Body Balm! When the box came my youngest son, who is 10 brought it in and hovered over me while I opened it! He then walked around the house getting the 4 older ones to smell each one. Then he decided he had to take a bath and took the Cucumber Mint with him! He used it before I even got the chance to try ANY of them! I will be reordering and also getting some to include in Christmas gifts to some other ladies in my family! I'm already in LOVE with the Blackberry Sage you sent as a sample! Oh and one of the reasons I ordered was because I have had really dry skin lately, a couple of days using your soap and I already see a 100% difference! Now I just have to keep my soap away from my 10 year old son! - Kathy, Sedgwick, Kansas

I have to thank you for sending a little bit of Texas (home for me but I'm now living in South Dakota) with my order. It's been a little while since I received it, but I wanted to thank you. There is something special about shopping in a Hill Country boutique. The smell, the visual appeal, the little extras. When my box of soap arrived, I was just expecting a box of soap, which would have made my day wonderful by itself. I had no idea that you'd include a few extra samples and some extra goodies. I felt like I was opening a birthday present from a treasured friend. Thank you. - Melanie, Armour, South Dakota

Well I first saw your soap at the Austin Gift Company store (my favorite store in Austin) when I was down visiting family (I believe about a year ago) and bought your soap as a gift but I must confess, I kept a bar for myself and ever since then I've been hooked. I've purchased your soap a few times from the Austin Gift Company store (I've had my sister-in-law go and pick some up and mail it to me before I got smart and saw you had a website on the wrapper). So now as summer begins and I have no trips planned for Texas until this fall, I realized I am down to my last bar, that's when I got online and ordered myself a few bars to get me through the summer. I just love your soap!! Cheers from up north, - Kelly, White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Thank you for sending the soap and the extra goodies to me! I love all of your products and can not wait to bestow the soaps to my sisters and friends on Mother's Day. You have exceptional products and customer service. I will recommend your company to all. Again, thank you for your kindness and wonderful products. Have a beautiful day! - Linda, Newport, Rhode Island

Leta,I want to say thank you for the way you package products sent to customers. I always look forward to receiving the wonderful soaps I order but I enjoy so much the uplifting notes and small gifts that are included. Also the fact that you take the time to write a personal thank you, even addressing me by my first name, shows you really do value your customers. That is so different from the way most businesses treat me. I wish you even more success in 2017 and I will continue to be a loyal fan ! God Bless You, - Gaye, Corpus Christi, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I received the beautiful gift certificate in the mail and have already mailed it off inside a birthday card. I'd be willing to bet that you'll be getting an order from her soon! I've also mailed off a payment check to you. Thank you so much for providing the stamped return envelope. That was very thoughtful! And good business! One of the many reasons why your shop is so successful I'm sure! Thank you again Leta. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season this year! Another Happy Repeat Customer! - Gayle, Texas

Love the rubber ducks, extra tissue paper, and stickers last year! I'm proud to send these soaps of such exquisite craftsmanship across the country to friends, stuff family stockings, and share with colleagues. I'm looking forward to the expansion of the essential oils and Texas inspired collections. - Lauren, San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for the extra bar of honey bee mine soap with my previous order. I didn't notice the extra soap until I got down to my last bar, and there it was with your explanatory note. Thanks. It's a pleasure to do business with you, and to use your wonderful Tuscan patchouli soap. I hope I can make it back out there sometime to meet you in person, and, by the way, I've just ordered another batch of Tuscan patchouli. - Kenn, Denver, Colorado

I discovered your soaps at Under One Roof in Wimberley. They have become my favorite soap and the only one I use. I take them with me when I travel and I give them as gifts. I placed a large order in anticipation of Christmas gift giving, and I am almost out of soap for my personal use. Please don't ever stop making this soap! - Gloria, Austin, Texas

I came into the shop with my friend from the Netherlands in May. My friend was hesitating to buy your soap and you gave us both a free bar to try out. My friend as well as myself are very happy with the soap you gave us and I came back Saturday to buy a bunch of bars for my friends back home! So the experiment worked! I just wanted to let you know. My skin feels great, it smells wonderful and I need to use less body lotion. - Ann

Came across you by searching for soaps on the web quite some time back. Have ordered from you before several years ago. Miss the good quality products you produce and love love the cucumber melon soap. - Julie, Dousman, Wisconsin

We purchased a bottle of the lotion I order from a store in Wimberly. My wife liked so much I bought her some more. I like to deal with local merchants. Keep up the good work. - John, Rosanky, Texas

Good afternoon ma'am! My wife and I were in Wimberly for a mini vacation and found your products at a local coffee store. I loved the scent and just had to order more. My skin doesn't like a lot of commercial soaps on the market so your products were a godsend. I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me, it just further solidifies my positive thoughts about your company! Hope you had an amazing holiday weekend! - Richard, McAllen, Texas

Thank you for such fabulous soap! I use it all the time and it makes a great gift. I lived in Austin for a long time and discovered y'all at Austin Gift Company. - Anna, New Orleans, Louisiana

I discovered your soaps at the Austin Gift Shop on South Lamar, and instantly fell in love with them (so did my fiancee) I have since moved to the Killeen area, and getting back to South Austin can sometimes be a little difficult. We were running low on soap stock, so I decided to just buy from the source, why not, right? Upon arrival of our order, I was immediately impressed! Not only did you pack all of our soaps in their own tissue paper, but you threw in some candies, a rubber ducky, huge samplers of other soaps, and an amazing hand written Christmas card! WOW!!!!! What exceptional service!!! As we were unpacking everything, my fiancee and I were amazed at all the goodies, care, and the effort that went into fulfilling my order! Thank you so much for doing what you do (making great soaps) and for making us feel pretty special with all of the extra goodies, especially the hand written Christmas card! We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for you all in the New Year! BTW, we will totally be ordering directly from you in the future for all of our soap needs. Have a blessed day! - Lauri, Killeen, Texas

I was given a bar by a friend - Moroccan Mint - because I loved the colors. And I finally used it and LOVED it! So I went to your website and found so many more. I come to the hill country every other weekend so I ventured to Wimberley back in early May and found honey bee and oatmeal honey. I haven't used commercial soap since! I love to support local merchants as much as possible. I am giving your soaps as Christmas presents (but keeping a few myself) and am hoping to get as many of them hooked as possible! I hope to get to Spicewood to visit your store in the near future! Thank you for making such an amazing product! Looking forward to the burst of fragrance coming my way. A new loyal customer..... - Suzanne, Houston, Texas

Hi Leta! We found your soaps at the shop in Wimberley in June where we celebrated our 50th anniversary! The name of the soaps was unique and caught my attention. My daughter-in-law loved the soaps I sent for her birthday! We are blessed to have them home for a Christmas visit this year and I promised her she could choose as many flavors as she wanted when she gets here! And other family members have their favorites too! Loved the samples and soap dish you sent last time! Thank you very much! Looking forward to getting my new order! - Patricia, Burleson, Texas

Just wanted you to know how much my whole family loves your soaps. I'm now a "soap snob" and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to commercially manufactured soap. Love your stuff!- Joy, San Antonio, Texas

Leta, I just received my first soap order from you. Honey Bee Mine is wonderful! And so much beautiful packaging with many gifts. Lavish in every way. And the fragrance coming from my bathroom is divine. Thank you so much.- Pam, Austin, Texas

High Tide is a soap that I enjoyed immensely. As a soaper I can attest to the fine ingredients used in making this bar. As it pertains to aromatherapy the essential oils use to make this bar served to heighten my experience (they are among my top faves).The visual appeal of this soap is bar none (pun intended). While you are using up your current bar why not place some High Tide and other Hill Country Haiku bars in a basket display in your powder room! All the people that experienced High Tide at my house commented positively on its beauty and fragrance.- Lyric

Leta, Thank you so much for the shea butter. I really appreciate you freezing it and using extra insulation. Your products came highly recommended! Just wanted to let you know my order arrived. You really go the extra mile for your customers and I appreciate it. I know I'll be placing more orders with HCH in the future!! - Adam, Pflugerville, Texas

Hi Leta. My mailbox never smelled so good. The box arrived with all my new soaps. It was like someone sent me a box of joy. I have placed all my soaps in my closet to scent it with those fabulous floral smells. Thank you for the extra twin set of soaps and the soap bag scrubbie as well as the 13th bar. It is always a pleasure to buy from HKH. Stay well and keep making those great soaps. Can you do a strawberries and cream bar. This would be a pink and white veined soap that reminds one of those luscious berries. Thanks again. -DG, Timonium, Maryland

Hi Leta, Thank you for the beautiful bluebonnet soaps. The ladies will be sure to enjoy this table favor! - Pat, Pflugerville, Texas

Leta, Thank you for how quickly you were able to get my order to me. The half bars are used as gifts for my real estate customers and also for friends. The big ones I keep for myself. Having personally visited your workshop, I know first-hand just how much care you put into your soaps. Thanks again.- Buddy, Greensboro, Georgia

My lovely box of soaps arrived this afternoon. Thank you so much for the small bars you also enclosed. I learned of your wonderful soaps at Christmas when my niece Amy gave me a box of lovely soaps and lotions. The lavender soap was my favorite--I accidentally left it in Bryan when I returned to Colorado following four months in Texas. I looked for it everywhere and finally called my sister to see if I had left it. She informed me that she had not only found it but was loving it herself! So I was thrilled when I found your card and saw that I could order more! I do plan to share with my next door neighbor tomorrow. Thank you again for this box of lovely soaps!- Barbara, Aurora, Colorado

I have had sensitive skin my whole life! These soaps have done wonders to my skin! They act as a moisturizer, and my skin has never felt better! I love the variety of soaps that you have to offer, and the best news yet is that my husband loves them! Our whole family uses them!!! A hit for sure!!! - Alice, New Braunfels, Texas

Wow! We are so grateful for the incredible soap yesterday! It is not often (or ever!) that we receive such delicious high quality products! The goodie bag y'all personally made up for me was beyond thoughtful and I used every single item last night! HEAVEN! I'm so touched to think of our clients having the opportunity to enjoy this delicious, luxury treat! Y'all are very special ladies and we thank you! - Hannah, Austin, Texas

I received my re-order package today. That was fast. :) All the soaps are wonderful, beautiful to look at and of course smell fantastic. I love them all and cannot pick a favorite. Mmmm, aromatherapy, they all make me so happy! - Kay, Austin, Texas

We recently visited your store in Wimberley and purchased 5 bars of your Bluebonnet soap. I am in love. The soap has a smell like I have never experienced before, and I have just re-ordered 5 more bars. My neighbor and my physical therapist has already talked me out of two bars, and I cannot do without this soap. I even use it on my hair after I shampoo my hair just to have the scent near me. It is by far one of the best soaps I have ever used, and I promise I will be a loyal customer of this soap and your company. Thank you, - Sherry, Terrell, Texas

My husband and I were in the Wimberley shop and bought numerous soaps last fall. We haven't had a chance to make it back to purchase more so I decided to order them online. They're so wonderful and I've run out, so I just had to get more. Thank you.- Linda, Cedar Park, Texas

My husband told me he was using my pear soap when he shaved. He said it made shaving so easy and made his skin soft. So.... I am stocking up for me.....and him now.- Suzanne, Texas

Just received my second order of "Paradise". My house smells so clean and fresh, just from having the soaps in my bathroom. I selected a few of my favorites and some new ones this time. The blackberry and sage is going to be the next bar to use after I use the last bar of the lavender from the last order. The cucumber melon smells like summer, and the "His Own" I want to carry with me all day long.

All the delicious fragrant soaps came in such beautifully wrapped tissue paper, I felt each bar was a gift from you, I cannot say enough about this product, my skin has never felt better, and the Shea butter is the best therapy for dry heels, especially now that it is sandal time again. Thank you also for the "extra" treats of the petite bars and beautiful wood soap tray, as well as a hand written note with my order, what a touching gift. Love the products, variety of scents, and the lost art of personal touches that you add to each order. Thank you ever so much for the touch of Paradise in my life. Sending my love back to you. - Danna, Humble, Texas

My husband and I stopped in your shop over the summer and purchased several bars of soap.  I have to say......I LOVE THEM ALL! Your description of the Peppermint Bar is right on the mark! It definitely will wake you up. That's good for a morning shower. I just used the Honey Bee Mine in my jacuzzi tonight. It was divine. Nice and relaxing. Thanks so much for making such a high quality product. I definitely will be purchasing more soaps. - Tracy, Montgomery, Texas

I love your soap! They smell so good and leave my skin soft. My favorites are Oatmeal Apple and Honey Bee Mine. I ordered some Pumpkin Brulee for a Christmas gift and liked it so much, I just ordered more for me. I also want to thank you for the handwritten notes included with my orders and for the "extras" you throw in. I never want to go back to regular soap again!- Betsy, Houston, Texas

Our daughter sent us some of your wonderful soaps, as well as the sandalwood sample. I have to tell you that these are the best soaps, ever. I have always purchased gift soaps from a small company in Florida, and they are olive oil based. But, your soaps really raise the bar on quality. Thank you so much for the kindness you showed to my daughter, and we will be ordering from you in the future. - Kathleen, Luzerne, Michigan

Hi Leta, Thanks for the phone call advising me that you still have your wonderful soap in "Leather", one of my favorite fragrances. It brings back great memories of my youth in Texas working on a ranch, and being around the smell of saddle and tack leather. Those were great days on the range when the joy of accomplishment and hard work was its own reward. Your handmade soaps remind me of that simpler time. I would like to order six (6) bars of Leather; six (6) bars of Spice Brulee; one (1) bar each of Oatmeal,Milk and Honey - Hill Country Lavender - Honeysuckle - and Cucumber & Mint. Thanks again. - William, Sunrise Beach, Missouri

Myself, my husband, and my parents all took a much needed long weekend trip to Wimberley back in March. It was my husband's 50th birthday. It was a wonderful weekend of retail therapy and relaxing. We stopped in Under One Roof. I am a bit of a perfume/scent freak. I am always purchasing candles, perfumes and scented soaps. To the point my family makes fun of me; as they did that day. I have never been a repeat customer of any soap I have tried until Haiku. We just finished our last bar of soap purchased from that trip and my husband said "buy more". We also bought 1 soap net that day. - Unbelievable product!!!! - I will probably give a few bars with soap nets as Christmas presents. You have an amazing product and the soap net is a lovely compliment to your line. - Patty, North Texas

I've just ordered another batch of your most fabulous Tuscan Patchouli soap. I've tried patchouli soaps all over the world, and this is the absolute best. As long as you keep making it, I'll keep ordering it. Thanks for the extra small soaps in my last order--it was perfect for hand-washing soap at the sink.- Kenn, Colorado

Time for me to load up once again. I think I'm addicted to your soaps. Right when I think I've found my favorite, I unwrap the next bar and I'm in love all over again. I will use only your soaps now.. my skin does so much better. Worth every penny and all your hard work. Let me know if you want me to come pick up.. Thanks Leta.. look forward to receiving my new shipment.. as well as some friends who will receive a bar or two.. keep trying to get others hooked as well..- Jan, Spicewood, Texas

First of all I'd like to tell you my husband and I LOVE your soap! We found it in a shop in Wimbereley, Texas and bought a pear bar to try out. (We live in Houston.) When we finished the bar, we made a trip back to Wimbereley JUST TO GET MORE SOAP! We could not remember the name of the store, but we knew where it was. We were a bit disappointed when we got there because they were out of the pear soap. To our delight, we tried four others and loved them just as much if not more. On that trip, after sharing our story with the shop owner, she gave us your website and even told us of another store nearby that also carried the soap. We are down to our last bar so I reordered. Thanks for this amazing soap! Now we can't live (or bathe) without it! By the way, could you please add 2 bars of the Hemingway also? I forgot that one! - Renee, Houston, Texas

Thanks so much Leta! It's even my birthday to boot today!! Little birthday present to myself. :-) I am absolutely happy to support any small businesses I can - my mom and I own a small glass biz so I know how tough it can be sometimes! And word of mouth can mean everything.

I am so excited to try your soaps! Reading all your reviews makes me not wanna have to wait! I actually got your name from a friend of mine, Nancy Walker, she and her partner do some soap making and when I was asking her about selling me some, she said she only does a little and doesn't sell much but she gave me an email with a couple reference websites, one being yours. (She will occasionally give my mom and I a few extra bars that she has.) I'm tired of using the same crappy store brand - usually Dove is what I use which don't get me wrong it's ok, but handmade is way better. Plus I want to support small businesses and my b/f and I went to the Farmer's Market and saw a young woman with soaps there - but I wanted to do more research first as well to get exactly what I wanted.

After looking at the three sites Nancy gave me and seeing all the soaps you have, I was most impressed with yours and wanted to buy from you. From the prices to the reviews to the smells/types of soaps you have I was floored with the quality you must have and look forward to getting them. :-) I love exfoliants in soap too and I love that you had a couple different kinds that do that. I have never been a body wash person, I like a good old bar of soap for my needs and yours seem great! Thanks again and I look forward to getting them!! - Michelle

Order got here in a flash! Lavender is for one friend in particular for her birthday, and maybe some other lucky birthday persons will get soap too. No guarantees I will part with my bars! I tried some of the beautiful soap from Lush. Although it looked dry there was a huge amount of evaporation in the soap bars. They were just rattling around in the once-tight packaging by the time I got to using them some months later. Some discoloration too. I should not stray from Hill Country Haiku again!! Glad you are carrying on, Leta! - Valerie, Austin, Texas

Hi Leta, I figured that you must have been in the area and not just made a special trip out here to deliver it. I used the bluebonnet soap today in the shower, and its great. My whole bathroom smells a little like fresh flowers and spring...I love it.  - Liz, Cedar Park, Texas

Yes, everything arrived in time and the soaps were a big hit with everyone at the office (and we had a few left over for ourselves). Thanks for making such a unique gift-worthy product. Cheers, - Tony, Houston, Texas

Dear Ms. Leta, We received our shipment of soaps today. The postman said his truck never smelled so good! My two sisters and I have made an annual pilgrimage to Wimberly for the past two years just to get our hands on your soaps. Imagine our excitement when we discovered that we could order online. I think you spoke to one of my sisters a week or so ago. We were having trouble placing our order online, but everything seems to work perfectly now. I had the soaps delivered to my office address; we don't have a mail receptacle outside of our house and the new postmaster is still trying to match P O Boxes to physical addresses. I didn't want to leave any room for him (being a new guy) losing our order.

Anyway, your soaps add a little bit of luxury to our lives. Rest assured, once we've used these up, we are certainly going to place another order, and another, and other product compares to your soaps. Your formula is the best. The only downside is that I hope our ability to order online does not diminish my family's annual pilgrimage to The Red Door in Wimberly; we usually make the trip in October, but didn't this year because we knew we were going to order online. Hopefully, we can find some time this spring to make the trip.

Nothing beats walking into the store, scouting out our favorites, and stumbling upon a scent that we haven't tried before. Also, thanks for the thoughtfulness in packing our order. The small touches you added, the soap dish, soap net, and letter, are much appreciated. Thanks also for the swapping out the lotion for the shea, another one of your marvels! If we don't see you in Wimberly next year at The Red Door, you certainly will hear from us online!Thanks for making your products so easily accessible.

P. S. One of the most difficult things to do with your soaps is HAVING TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS! My sisters and I are very selfish when it comes to your soaps!!! Of the 42 bars we ordered, only 4 or 5 are gifts for friends. The rest to be split among the 3 of us. Sincerely, your most loyal customers from Louisiana - Lois, Dianne and Janie, Louisiana

Love your soaps and wish they were available in one of my local stores. We have Biggs & Featherbell which is made locally and sold by many organic stores but they can't compare to HKH. Thanks for keeping me clean and soft during our cold winter in Maryland. - Debbie, Lutherville, Maryland

I recently purchased the Orange Blossom and LOVE IT! My daughter uses it also on her dry hands and now they are SOFT! I will buy and try more of your products! - H.Jones, Burnet, Texas

Dear Leta, I just received my order from you. Wow! Beautifully packaged! Thank you SO much for my soap & soap dish, and the delightful surprise of the few sample soaps you included as well. I was very curious about your other scents, now I can "try before I buy". I can't wait to try the raspberry one!! I'm home sick today, but even with a stuffy nose, your soaps smell heavenly...and made me feel a little better. : ) Again, thank you!  - Sheila, Quakertown, Pennsylvania

I hope you have a great day. I can't wait to get my order! Your soaps made my heat rash go away and even my husband got totally addicted to it (and he usually does not go for handmade soap ever!). Again, I can't wait to get more of your soap, my skin and nose miss it. - Amy, Austin, Texas

We've been using your soap so long here at home (in Colorado) that I think we take it for granted. But when we go up North to our cabin we are reminded! It is so dry there that your soap makes all the difference! - Gerry, Denver, Colorado

I had only purchased a bar or two before, but now I am hooked on it and will be sure to stock up this time. Besides working so nicely with my skin, since becoming pregnant again it's the only scent I can tolerate,haha!! I'll see you later this month! - Wendy, Cedar Park, Texas

Thank you! I am so excited to be giving your products as gifts this season. They are so unique and beautiful. And the service you provided today has also added to my shopping experience. (You can put this part on your website.) - Anne, Houston, Texas

We'd run our of soap for a while until I got back down to Wimberley last weekend. Next morning I walked into the bathroom and Brad was latherin up and saying, "Man, I love this soap, I love this soap." Thanks for making my manly man happy. (-: - Cathy, Spicewood, Texas

(Cathy is responsible for the following Love Letter too :) (written to Cathy) I've been using the soap that you gave us from the shop in Wimberley. Love it, love it, love it!!! I know some people just have them for decoration, but I like using my nice stuff. Can't take it with me, right? - gin

I bought a jar of your shea butter from a friend and gave it to my husband to use on his feet as he is a diabetic and has little circulation in his feet giving him dry skin, it has worked better than any scripts we have been given by doctors. I am sending one to my mom in California as she suffers also with heat rash and I told her how your shea has helped my husband. Thanks again for the products. I am sure more orders will follow. - Leslie, Cedar Park,Texas

My grandbaby came by this morning and picked up a bar of your soap and couldn't but it down. She's 16 months old and in love with your fragrance. It is your oatmeal milk and honey. I make the same fragrance myself but it smells nothing like yours. Would it be to much to ask for your supplier. I just love it and would love to try and carry it myself. Not to mention all the baby products for grandbaby. :-) - Dawn

Can you hear me squealing???????ohoooooo. I love this Blackberry and Sage soap I just received in my order! The "balm" in the tin container you gave me 2 years ago lasted fooooorever. I had it with me in my purse 2009 when I was a witness at trial in Lampasas and we witnesses took turns balming up! My friend Mary was also witness , and I thought she was going to get high! - Betty, Lampasas, Texas

....and Lord knows I am at the age where the abuse of the sun on my skin inspires me to look for a way to heal my own "envelope", and the idea of being able to share with others a natural "cure" is very appealing. Kind of like the value you feel when you serve your kids, family, friends, homemade biscuits or fresh grown know what I mean. Thanks again for sharing your 'dreamy' shea butter. - JMW, Texas

I need more shea butter. It's gone fast and I’ve passed your cards to ladies who thought my skin looked great. Even my doctor said it looked healthy. Of course I want to send it to everyone I know. - Mickey, Austin, Texas

Thank you for making up a special batch of peppermint soap for me. You wanted a report on the ‘tingle’ is just right! - Bobby, Houston, Texas

....your soap suggestion for the guest bath is absolutely perfect! It has just the welcoming effect I was looking for. I feel like June Cleaver. - Kim, Spicewood, Texas

I’m so excited! My shea butter is supposed to arrive today - you ship FAST! I fell in love with the sample you sent, it was just a little bit of heaven! - Becky, Nebraska

I recently went through the wringer for about 4 weeks to get good shea, which I use in everything I make. First I got green shea, then I got marigold shea, finally I found Hill Country Haiku and now I get great natural beige shea on a regular basis. Her service is great and her prices are the best and with her quality I’d happily pay more (don’t say anything!!) - Jody, Ohio

I received a gift of some of your products. Your soap is simply a gift that keeps on giving. In the underwear and sock drawer it gives up some of its scent. After a shower, even those who don’t even know you thank you. After the soap was gone from one of the loofah bars, I saved the loofah for the soap dish to rest the hand soap on and keep it dry. When I finish another, I plan to do the same with it until all the bar soaps in the house have a loofah to rest on. - Clive and Curtis (retired and rolling down the road in their motorhome)

Lady, this soap is “da bomb”, wonderful, maaaahvelous!!!!! After using my bar I even love the jojoba spheres. Who would have thought they were exfoliating, stimulating! This is by far the best bar of soap I have ever purchased. - Aminah

I just got my unrefined shea...boy that was fast. I am so very pleased with this product. It is just wonderful used neat...disappears right into my skin with no greasy after-feel. And my skin feels so silky and moisturized! I am looking forward to experimenting with it. I wonder how many of my products will be even better with an addition of your terrific shea? - Elaine

My husband used your shea butter for the first time today and called it dreamy creamy silky smooth. I guess I had better get more (I wasn’t planning on sharing it!) - Kim, Missouri

I am using the shea I purchased from you and it is soooooooooo nice, have rubbed it on my winter hangnails, even around my nose and sinus glands and the shea has helped that too. - Betty, Lampasas, Texas

Thank you so much for making this wonderful raw shea available! Is is the best I have ever used and there is such a difference in the skin feel between your shea and the cosmetic counter shea. I am recommending it to everyone I think of. - Vicky, Burnet, Texas

I love my shea butter! Or should I say I love your shea butter? It’s beautifully creamy, has that nice nutty natural scent, and it arrived so quickly! And I love simply looking at your soap almost as much as I do using it! I was studying, very closely, the magnificent swirled colors in a bar of your soap today. Stark naked, 52 years old, too many pets and un-read books, and I’m sitting in the tub peering at your soap. The lighter colors when wet even sparkle! I had a wonderful afternoon peering at your wet soap. Well, not the WHOLE afternoon! - Sue, Ohio

It lathers like crazy!!!! It feels fantastic, very moisturizing while washing and a wonderful afterfeel once the air hits the skin. My skin is SUPER dry, so when a bar of soap makes my hands Not make noise when I rub them after they are dry, that is impressive. I can’t even hear my fingers when I rub them together and it usually sounds like sand paper. I’ll say you have a pretty great luxury bar here!!! Seriously, my hands are nice and dry and my rings are flopping all over the place. That’s a good sign that it’s got residual moisturizing when my rings flop!! - Teri, Oregon

I received my order of shea butter today and I wanted to Thank You. You were sure lightning fast to ship it out! I appreciated the hand written note on your business card also, what a thoughtful thing to do! I know you must be very busy, but you took the time to do that! I just had to let you know how wonderful your product and service to to me. Many thanks, - Krystal

Thank you for your very kind note. Your soap truly is a work of art. The texture, the swirls, the fragrances..they are all so precise and technically perfect. I had someone in the shop yesterday looking at your soap, and I was able to honestly say that I gave it a 10 out of a 10, overall as a bar of soap. Again, thank you for such a fabulously wrapped package. It was a delight to open. Happy soaping! - Anne-Marie