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Hill Country Lavender Bar Soap

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    Hill Country Lavender ... one of our most intriguing designs.

    Lavender and a hint of citrus, fused with nourishing Shea butter and olive oil. Experience a lush field of lavender on a mild summer day. Sooth your skin and refresh your spirit.

    Our bars are available in our generous five plus oz. or as a Mini-Bar. These are approximately 1/4 of the full size bar and perfect for travel, your gym bag, special event gifts, wedding showers, etc. Also a great way to test out flavors you may have been contemplating.

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      I love the smell and the creamy texture of this soap. As soon as I step into the bathroom, I can smell it and I smile! on 18th Apr 2017


      I can't decide whether to use this or place it near my pillow for sleeping. Inhaling this soap makes you instantly relax and think of being in Hill Country on a lavender farm. on 14th May 2016

    3. relaxing fragrance

      relaxing lavender smell and creamy on 26th Feb 2016

    4. Smells like summer

      A few days ago I came home to a heavenly smell - if clean has a scent, it's part lavender and part sunshine. I inhaled deeply and asked my daughter what the smell was; it was my Hill Country Haiku soap, which she had unwrapped and left on the counter. Not only does it make my shower smell like summer, it doesn't dry out my skin. Goes well with the Lavender Bee lotion- both are light fragrances that don't overpower and leave me happy. on 14th Oct 2015

    5. One of my favorites

      I have several favorites and like to combine different ones in my Simply Body Soap Net. This one is heavenly. Lavender essential oils are so good for your skin. Right now I have Hill Country Lavender, Peppy Mint and Honey Bee Mine in my net. I love these soaps. My husband loves them too. on 23rd Oct 2014

    6. Glamorous and Wonderful

      This soap is the Lauren Bacall of the HKH collection. Not only is it beautiful to look at with its ruffled edge, it is also wonderful to use on the face and body. It is my go to soap whenever I order from this site. After using it I feel so fresh and clean just like a movie star getting ready for the red carpet. I know you will love it when you try it and you will never go back to commercially produced lavender soaps sold in stores. on 30th Aug 2014

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