Do you have a printed catalog?

No, this website serves as our online catalog. Our soaps are made in small batches and many projects are Limited Edition soaps .... often made on a whim to celebrate a special event or season ... or a song. Having our catalog online makes it easier for us to keep information current and up to date.

Do you sell wholesale?

We are not currently seeking to develop wholesale accounts with retailers, but changes may be coming soon! Please drop us a note and mention WHOLESALE so we'll know to let you know! Thank you.

Wholesale volume discounts will be extended to interested store owners if our inventory/production schedule will accommodate your needs. Please contact us if interested, we will get back to you right away.

What is the shelf life of your soap?

Our luxury handcrafted soap will keep indefinitely. We do recommend that you actually use your skin loving soap.....not to just use it as a decorative accessory!

Earlier tonight I ran across a 'love letter' from a customer confessing that she had not ever actually used a bar of Hill Country Haiku luxury shea butter soap bars .... but she had been enjoying the scent of the Cucumber and Melon bar in her lingerie drawer for well over a year! When I suggested that she might consider bathing with that bar to try it out -- well, she told me if she had used that bar then the label would have been thrown away and she wouldn't have a way of contacting me! She proceeded to place a substantial gift order. I hope that a few of those gift bars go hang out with some fancy panties and keep their label wrapped tight for a while too:)

Bottom line, our well made soap bars will keep indefinitely as long as you store them in a temperate environment (out of direct sun, in average room temperature and normal humidity).

For those of you that have your holiday Christmas shopping completed by Labor Day ... write Hill Country Haiku Luxury Soap Bars on your shopping list with a bold permanent marker!

I wanted to re-order a soap and it's not on your website anymore?

We remove soap offerings from the site when we notice that we only have a few bars left on the shelves. Special Edition soaps may be a one time production, and there are several fragrances that we make up seasonally in limited quantities. There are exceptions to everything though! We received so many requests for more Wavy Gravy soap that we added it to our regular line. And we might have a batch curing that is just not quite ready to be listed for immediate shipping. Please drop us a note if you don't find something that you are looking for, we may have a bar or two stashed.

What's Your Favorite Bar?

You might as well be asking a Mother which child is her favorite!

What I can tell you is that Honey Bee Mine is by far my most popular selling bar. We easily make 2.5 times as many Honey Bee Mine bars as we make of any of our other top selling bars.

And I can tell you that Oatmeal, Milk and Honey is 'my shave my legs bar' and that I always have a bar in my bathtub. And I will probably go on to tell you the reasons why Oatmeal, Milk and Honey is 'my shave my legs bar' - - Because the ground oatmeal in the bar adds texture which helps create some seriously good lather, and the ground oatmeal is exfoliating and the skin experts say your shave will last longer if you exfoliate at the same time. And then I shut up because nobody wants to shave more often.

And by this time the person that asked the question has probably picked up and inhaled 8-10 various yummy smelling bars ... and has forgotten they had a question.

Your soap really lasts a long time!

awww shucks, I'm happy you know it's a good value and that you're back for more!