Tried and True Soap Collection
Artfully Handcrafted Shea Butter Soap



At Hill Country Haiku, our soaps are handmade and unique.  As much as we try to make every bar uniform, it is not always possible.   This uniqueness is your assurance that the soaps you purchase from us are made by hand and infused with love. 
It is our sincere hope that each time you use our handmade soap it will be an experience that is as matchless as each bar of soap and you are.  Your cleansing time is a cherished moment; breathe in the scent and feel the soft lather on your skin.  After all, in that moment, it is all about you
Relax! Enjoy! Experience! Savor!

"This soap lathers like crazy!!!! It feels fantastic, very moisturizing while washing and a wonderful afterfeel once the air hits the skin.   My skin is SUPER dry, so when a bar of soap makes my hands Not make noise when I rub them after they are dry, that is impressive. I can’t even hear my fingers when I rub them together and it usually sounds like sand paper. I’ll say you have a pretty great luxury bar here!!! Seriously, my hands are nice and dry and my rings are flopping all over the place. That’s a good sign that it’s got residual moisturizing when my rings flop!!"   

Teri N., Oregon